Why Upgrade Your Bathroom? Whether you are planning to sell your house in the near future or are planning in living it in for a while, resale value will always be an important factor. When someone is looking to buy a house, they will commonly prioritize finding a place with a better bathroom over other rooms in the house. Being that they are used daily, it's important that your bathroom(s) have a pleasing aesthetic and be in good, working order. It's also one of the rooms that guests are most likely to see. Make your bathroom memorable today!
Additional Bathroom Options There are a wide variety of new products available to create the bathroom you desire. If water conservation concerns you, you can upgrade to a new water efficient toilet (6 litres down from 13 litres per use). If you want more storage space, you can additional cabinets or upgrade your vanity. Bring us any concern you have and we will do our best to bring you a solution that meets your needs!
Making Your Kitchen More Modern Is your kitchen boring? Does it have the same design as all of your neighbours? Upgrade from a builder default kitchen to something unique with greater functionality. Upgrade your kitchen with quality products such as fancy backsplash tile from Markham Tile or a feature stone wall from Cultured Stone (see third gallery image). Change out your discoloured laminate or worn hardwood for a pristine tile floor. Make your kitchen better suited to your needs today!